Balanced Beginnings II

Balanced Beginnings II contents

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The second part of Balanced Beginnings, Balanced Beginnings II, consists of a second set of 3 x 5 'Experience Cards' for the months following completion of the first six month program. The period of time covered by Balanced Beginnings II is from the 7th month through the 16th month. The areas of experience (Seeing, Touching, Smelling, Hearing, Moving, Communication and Thinking) continue and add to those activities in the first part of Balanced Beginnings.

These cards give complete instructions on a daily basis for an entire ten month period. The instructions explain what to use among the contents of the original Balanced Beginnings package, as well as other materials which must be acquired by the user.

Balanced Beginnings II can be ordered ONLY if the first part of the program has been completed.

Remember that the rapid brain growth period occurs during the first three years of a baby's life, and that Balanced Beginnings plus Balanced Beginnings II can be used at any time during that period.

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