Balanced Beginnings, Infant Brain Development Curriculum

Balanced Beginnings Program


Each program contains instructions for over 300 experiences.

+  Experience Cards (one box, 184 cards)

These cards give complete instructions on a daily basis for an entire six months period. The instructions explain what to use among the materials included in the package, as well as other materials which must be acquired by the user.

+  Subtle Atmosphere Instructions

These instructions explain the effects of the subtle atmosphere on an infant, instructing how to keep the baby in a condition of comfort, both physical and emotional, so that the learning pathways are formed in a loving, patient, understanding atmosphere of ordered activity.

+  Materials Instructions

This booklet will give detailed instructions for the use of all materials furnished with the set.

+  Seeing Experience Cards (49)

These cards are for graduated visual development and will give the infant ability to consciously observe shapes, forms and physical conditions in the environment.

+  Alphabet Cards (32)

+  Word Cards -- English (12)

+  Language Tapes (2 tapes, 4 languages)

There is a script spoken in Spanish, French, Arabic, and English (so you can hear the script) by natives to each language. Research shows the language heard at this age can be later learned more easily and spoken without an accent.

+  Quantity Cards (20)

These cards are to do with numbers and an infant's ability to learn mathematics later.

+  Beauty Appreciation Cards (15 Two Sides)

Artwork carefully chosen from the Walter Anderson, Nicholas Roeirch and M. C. Escher collections. Each card helps achieve certain results.

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