Mysteries of Early Brain Growth Cleared by Science

Balanced Beginnings

There is now fully documented information from scientists which could make a great difference in the learning ability of children everywhere.

+  1. The new research into early brain development has provided information for parents which was previously unavailable.

+  2. Learning is a holonomic experience. The more captivated the learner is, the better the experience is retained in memory--or learned.

+  3. The brain is electrical. Electrical pathways, or "circuits" between cells or areas of the human brain depend upon experience.

+  4. Every human being undergoes the same process during early brain development, but experience widely varies, as does later learning ability.

+  5. All experience is new for every infant, and all experience lends to the "circuitry" forming in the growing brain. This circuitry, in turn, forms the foundational pathways for all later learning. This foundational circuitry is largely completed during the rapid brain growth period of the first three years.

+  6. There is a vast difference in the foundational circuitry among children in general--it is as different as the daily life differences among environing care-givers of the infants.

+  7. Infants who have had the greater amount of interesting experience (this is defined as experience which holds the infant's uninterrupted attention) from the seventh month in utero until the third year of age, will have the greater amount of "circuitry" formed in the brain for later learning.

+  8. The greater the amount of areas circuited, and the greater the amount of circuitry in various areas, the more prodigious the learning ability.

Balanced Beginnings has been planned to provide circuitry throughout the infant brain, crossing the brain from left to right and right to left in foundational experience.

Many parents have exclaimed, "We read to our baby before he was born! And we carried our baby everywhere! We played classical music and we did massage! We loved our baby and kept him stimulated! We had a foreign language spoken in his presence every day! We think that's about as well as it can be done."

That is all good. But, Balanced Beginnings has over 300 specific experiences in sequenced order which include dozens unlikely to be known by the average parent to be vital in relation to the baby's vision, or coordination, or concentration or observation ability, etc., etc. And this is simply because at The Robert Muller School we spent NINE YEARS gathering the most useful research and putting it all together. Parents generally do not have such time.

We are proud of the Program. There is none to compare with Balanced Beginnings. All new research has corroborated the choices of experience which we have included in the program.

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