Balanced Beginnings, Infant Brain Development Curriculum



The all volunteer staff of the Robert Muller School are the original developers of Balanced Beginnings. We have given permission to reproduce and sell the program to Dimitris Tsinganis in Greece, no one else. Since this program deals with infant brain development, it is important to use caution to be sure you are purchasing a valid program either from him, or from us.

   While a baby is in its most helpless stage, unable to sit up or crawl around or stand and walk, the brain cells are being produced at a phenomenal rate. So rapid is this process that the brain grows to half of its adult size by the age of six months! During this growth, the treatment and experience provided (deliberately or incidentally) is extremely important to the baby's later learning ablility. This rapid brain growth occurs only once in a lifetime. Patterns for much of all future learning are established during this period.

   Brain research has shown that certain sequenced experiences during the growth period of the first three years will promote well adjusted, balanced learning ability.

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