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Balanced Beginnings

   Balanced Beginnings is designed to create foundational patterns for later learning. While providing for the most objective learning experience, the program is also sensitive to the subtle psychology of the child and family. The program will balance your baby's learning ability without OVERDEVELOPMENT. Balanced Beginnings is a package of materials and instructions for day-to-day experience to be provided during a six month period before your baby is three years old.

   Rapid brain development happens only once in a lifetime!

   Science shows the experience and sequence of experience which you choose for your baby determines your child's lifetime learning ability!

   The Robert Muller School in Arlington, Texas, USA, was a pioneer in early brain development. The President's Commission on Early Learning and the Brain, Time Magazine, Newsweek Special Issue, "I am Your Child" and "20/20" on TV, all referenced research which the School used beginning in the early '80's.

   Balanced Beginnings is the only program which covers ALL known aspects of early brain development.

   It is apparent that present research will revolutionize all education eventually. In the meantime, fortunate babies can have the special advantage of Balanced Beginnings.

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